Stacy Keibler bikini pictures in Miami
Date Posted: November 18, 2008 - 2:21 am by: Bashcab

Seems like everybody is showing up in Miami nowadays.  Everywhere you look, models or celebrities are walking by in bikinis.  So this would be the perfect time to post bikini pictures.  Stacy Keibler is no exception as the Dancing with the Stars celeb took off her dancing shoes and decided to have some fun under the sun.  But what the hell happened to her t*%#ies?  And what’s up with that butt?  I thought dancing all the time will help tone your body up but she’s got stretch marks all over.  Good thing her legs are as hot as they were before.  Oh well, with a beach full of beautiful models and celebs to choose from, I still think it’s ok to post these pictures because they’re not that bad anyways.  Check out Stacy’s bikini pictures below.

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