Lindsay Lohan gets bullied by Paris Hilton’s gang
Date Posted: May 15, 2010 - 5:02 pm by: Paris
You know you’ve hit a new low when you make Paris Hilton look like Mother Theresa. Haggard the Horrible aka Lindsay Lohan played her role in Mean Girls in real life when she got bullied by Paris and her friends at a club one night.
Mike Walker reports:
“When Lindsay arrived at Adrian’s house, the bullies pounced! Paris whispered to her [drug dealer friend], and he started firing insults like: “OH, LOOK!…HERE COMES DRUGGIE GIRL!” Said the source: “Paris laughed, egged him on. They ragged Lindsay until she fled to the restroom — and locked herself in!” Like wolves on a rabbit, Pairs and her friend “began pounding on the door, taunting Lindsay — asking if she was ‘okay in there’? … and, ‘Do you need anything?…Snort once for yes, twice for no!’ Cruel, sarcastic crap like that.”

Personally, I hate these two low-life gutterskanks but let me just defend Lindsay here for a sec. Ladies, let me ask you this, how easy is it to snort when you’re giving someone a bj?
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