Paris Hilton smoke marijuana in public
Date Posted: May 17, 2010 - 3:14 am by: Paris

I’m not sure why this could even be considered news but it is. Paris Hilton is reportedly putting illegal things in her mouth in public…though not in a way that you most definitely wanted to hear. There had been a gang replacing cigarette smoked with marijuana. Basically Santa is real because he just made my wish come true.

National Enquirer reports:

Paris Hilton was seen puffing a funny-smelling cigarette at Drai’s Hollywood nightclub on April 28. The socialite was all smiles in her cloud of smoke until she spotted a fellow clubgoer filming her with a camera phone. Oops! (Print Edition – 5/17)

I could care less about Paris Hilton at this point. All I want to know is her dealer’s number so I can get myself  those ’special-flavored’ cigarettes.

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