Megan Fox is fired from Transformers 3
Date Posted: May 20, 2010 - 2:31 am by: Paris

Because unfortunately the  quote “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is for real this time, the person she bit is now biting her back in the ass! This person is Michael Bay, director of Transformers she openly shit on in interviews a few months back. Now, sources say Michael wants Megan Fox out of an upcoming Transformers 3 movie so he fired her from the role.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

No actor/actress can expect to go around dissing a director and expect to work together as if nothing happened. Much less the egotistical Bay. But in Fox, he had met his match. Why, as recently as this week Megan was quoted as dissing Bay yet again. In recent months she has shown off a more natural skin hue instead of her usual orange color — and blamed the Transformers helmer for her unhealthy tanning binge. “I had been tanning a lot so that Michael would be happy with my skin tone. Every spare moment of sun that was outside, I had to be in it,” the 24-year-old actress lamented in Allure magazine. “It’s not going to happen again because of the damage and the possible skin cancer.”

Verbal diarrhea finally took it’s toll. I remember the days when Megan Fox’s tits used to  make the excuses for her. Oh well, maybe Michael Bay can go find another new celeb slut to go wash “his car” for him.

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