Lindsay Lohan is going to jail!
Date Posted: May 21, 2010 - 2:40 am by: Paris

Because she is the Roman Polanski of the alcoholic crackheads of Hollyslut, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a warrant arrest for Lindsay Lohan as soon as she arrives in US soil…if she’s ever thinking of coming back. This crackhead has used all the excuse in the book not to get her ass to court hearings and it’s about effin time somebody slapped a warrant on her forehead!

TMZ reports:

Judge Revel set bail at $100,000 and said Lindsay can post bail and remain free until the next court hearing, IF she does the following:
- drink no alcohol
- wear a SCRAM bracelet
- submit to random drug testing at least once a week

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge the story TMZ broke — that Lindsay claimed her passport was stolen and she tried getting on a flight to make it on time but was turned away. At one point Holley said, “I don’t know what else to tell you.” But the judge didn’t buy Lindsay’s argument, saying “Actions speak louder than words.” The judge felt Lindsay could have gotten a replacement passport and made it back on time. And, the judge said Lindsay had “a history of not keeping scheduled appointments.”

Well come back home soon Lindsay! Everybody can’t wait to see you………………behind bars!

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