Tila Tequila will go to Celebrity Rehab
Date Posted: May 26, 2010 - 2:39 am by: Paris

It’s about. Fuckin. Time.

The vapid asian troll/gremlin other known as Tila Tequila is reportedly joining the next season of Celebrity Rehab but according to VH1 her chances of improving herself to be a better gremlin might not happen if the producers don’t find enough troubled celebwhores to throw in the wagon.

TMZ reports:

Tila Tequila is finally seeking professional help — TMZ has confirmed nthrough multiple sources that the bisexual reality star has committed to do the next season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” … if it doesn’t get canceled first.

It’s unclear what personal demon Tila will try to conquer with the help of Dr. Drew — but it certainly won’t be her addiction to attention.

But there’s one major catch — as we previously reported — VH1 is having problems finding other “celebrities” to rehabilitate … and if they don’t find a cast quick, the show could be killed. So far, no word on who else the show has its sights set on.

I don’t find any reason for this fuckery to not push through. You can find more troubled people in Hollywood than any menstal institute and while we’re at it let me be the first to suggest Heidi Montag to be thrown in this freak show. I’m envisioning a pretty crazy feud about to happen and we can bet one who will totally make it, that is if these two twats don’t kill each other til the end of the show.

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