Lindsay Lohan is Linda Lovelace poster ad
Date Posted: May 28, 2010 - 2:40 am by: Paris

There were rumors this month that our favorite Hollywood wreck, Lindsay Lohan, is going to star in a porn movie called Linda Lovelace. I had some doubts on wether or not this was for real ‘coz anyone who would cast Lindsay in a movie has a sick fetish for epic failure. However, this is a porn movie and like a moth to the flame and vice-versa, it pretty much makes sense. Well, the rumors have just been confirmed and the just-turned-blonde crackie is indeed going to star as Linda Lovelace in an indie film called Inferno.

The poster shows Lindsay’s freckled semi-naked body sitting on the bed while a bunch of guys behind her are unbuckling their belts. Since Linda Lovelace is an American porn star in the 70’s famous for her skills in deepthroating, this is a big ‘stretch’ for Lindsay. But considering she’s no stranger to these things, I’m sure she’ll pull this off without any cuts.

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