Megan Fox might be in the next Pirates of the Carribean movie
Date Posted: June 1, 2010 - 3:04 am by: Paris

Michael Bay can go kick his Hitler ass because the bombshell he kicked out of the next Transformers movie is backing up the saying ‘one director’s trash is another’s treasure’. I’m talking about Megan Fox. Reports say that the stunning fox has a lot of movie offers and could possibly  work with Johnny Depp in the upcoming Pirates of the Carribean movie. Wha–nooooooooooo!

Showbiz reports:

“Megan is mulling over a number of big movie offers including another sci fi franchise and a role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean,” reveals a source close to the actress. “She would play a mermaid who charms Captain Jack but she has a dark motive. “Megan has always loved Johnny and is desperate to work with him.”

Desperate enough to go fuck up one of my fave movies of all time! I wonder what kind of stint Michael Bay would do to overshadow all this. Like I said before, the only way he can counter this is to put tits on the robots.

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