Madonna to splurge $200,000 worth of more plastic surgery
Date Posted: June 2, 2010 - 3:28 am by: Paris

Still not completely satisfied with the level of madamism she is at right now, Madonna is planning to give herself a treat by splurging $200,000 on plastic surgery alone on her 52nd birthday.

Celebrity Mania reports:

Daily Star reported Madonna, who recently split from Jesus, is “considering an eye lift, a boob job, lip fillers and Lipo Sculpt but is also opting for less invasive procedures including a new laser treatment that reduces the appearance of spider veins.” Though so, it is said that the “Material Girl” still “wants things to look natural with nothing too radical”.

Between the crypt-keeper and Madonna, you can see more natural beauty in the crypt kreeper, plus the crypt-keeper is probably less creepier and your kids will be a lot safer. Oh wait  a minute, I lost my whole train of thought…oh yeah that’s it, madamism.

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