Demi Moore’s tip for a long marriage
Date Posted: June 5, 2010 - 5:13 am by: Paris

Demi Moore has found a new trick on how to keep her young husband Ashton Kutcher for a few years before he finally divorces her ass. The Answer? It’s all about the lighting.

National Enquirer reports:

Here’s a public service stay-sexy tip from Demi Moore, who looks fab at 47, yet never forgets that hunky hubby Ashton Kutcher’s 15 years younger — so Ms. Cougar makes sure she always looks hot and alluring in the bedroom with a secret weapon: amber light bulbs that bathe her skin with soft, golden hues. Demi told pals: “I’ve got dozens of boxes stored away — just in case they stop making them.”

Okay now this cougar thinks she’s got it all figured out. But wait five years and what’s her solution? That’s right, no lights!

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