Lily Allen is planning for a baby, end of career
Date Posted: June 16, 2010 - 2:43 am by: Paris

If you happen to be Lily Allen’s biggest fan, you might want to stick your nose up her butt a notch and savour it all you can because this year may be the last time you see or hear of your snot-nosed idol because she’s planning to live in the country to pop out a baby, and in my language, to be a milf.

The Daily Mirror reports:

She’s the wild child pop star who swore at Sir Elton John, branded Courtney Love a crazy old lady and sang about her own ­brother’s drug habit. But hard-living party girl Lily Allen says she has ditched her late-night takeaways and Jack Daniel’s for healthy meals and folic acid supplements. And she is even talking of leaving ­London to live in the country.

The reason? Lily – who suffered a miscarriage two years ago – is trying for a baby with her new lover Sam Cooper. “I plan to have children in the next year,” says the daughter of hell-raising actor Keith ­Allen.

The Brit-award-­winning star – who has notched up more than 19 million song downloads since hitting the big time four years ago – plans to put her career on hold.

Okay…so this now leaves us to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to buttfuck the airwaves, right? Normally, I would wish this was Lady Gaga’s plan instead so she would leave us for good but when you think about it, if there’s one person who has no business in breeding, it’s that vile ass-clown.

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