Amanda Bynes retired from acting
Date Posted: June 22, 2010 - 2:07 am by: Paris

Remember this Amanda Bynes chick? The Nickelodean cutie who starred in that one movie where her role was a guy who went to a diff campus just to play soccer? Meh. Didn’t think so. Anyway no big deal, I don’t remember this chick either but what she recently tweeted about her retirement from the Hollywood scene is somehow considered news so I’m just following in the wave.

Via her Twitter:

I’ve never written the movies & tv shows I’ve been apart of I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play
6:58 AM Jun 19th via web

Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem
6:59 AM Jun 19th via web

If I don’t love something anymore I stop doing it
7:47 AM Jun 19th via web

I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it
7:48 AM Jun 19th via web

I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve #retired
7:50 AM Jun 19th via web

Ohhh..right…now I remember this chick. But hey, I thought she quit the scene far too long ago? Oh right…it was Hollywood who did.

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