Justin Timberlake got rejected by a Laker girl
Date Posted: June 24, 2010 - 2:55 am by: Paris

It sucks to be dating a chick who looks more of a man than you. What sucks even more is being stuck to that man-chick for several years now and since you’ve already lost your balls, you can’t find it so you can finally break it off with her. That’s probably how Justin Timberlake felt last weekend. He was feeling low on the self-esteem and wanting some ego booster so he hit the LA Lakers games to hit on real chicks. Only problem is, even there he gets his balls ripped off after hitting on a chick and getting rejected TWICE.

JCH reports:

Last week Justin was sitting in the front row at the Lakers game and he was ogling this college educated Laker girl. He asked around and found the woman in charge of the Laker girls and asked the woman to please get the girl’s phone number for him, begging “Put in a good word for me!” The woman informed the Laker girl about her famous admirer and the girl replied “No thanks…” The woman reminded the dancer that Justin “isn’t married” but she wouldn’t budge. Unaccustomed to rejection, Justin later approached the Lakers PR person and asked for an introduction to the blonde dancer. Again, she flatly REFUSED to meet him!

`Well in JTT’s defense though, maybe the chick was a lesbian. Right?? Yeaah.. I’m just gonna go ahead with what everybody’s thinking…the guy’s a homo for cryin’ out loud!

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