Lindsay Lohan’s assistant offered $50,000 for tell-all interview
Date Posted: June 27, 2010 - 3:33 am by: Paris

Lindsay Lohan’s assistant Elinore has recently quit the bitch and there are reports flying that several magazines are offering her cash deals around $50,000 for a tell-all story.

RadarOnline reports:

Earlier this month, Lindsay Lohan’s assistant Elinore quit because she couldn’t take the crazy hours and odd behavior anymore, RadarOnline reported. Now, she is allegedly being offered five-figure deals to tell all about her life as Lohan’s assistant, NY Post reports. Sources said the weeklies have been offering cash deals worth around $50,000.

Apparently, the former assistant is scared to sign a deal. “She has so far refused the offers, saying she doesn’t want to tell on Lindsay as she’s afraid she’ll never work again,” a source said.

Geeze, isn’t Lindsay Lohan’s life an open book already? What the heck do people want more? A sketch of her nose hair or the number of freckles on Lindsay Lohan’s tits?  Okay that’s it, who’s this bitch trying to sign a deal with Lindsay Lohan on a reality show based on her crappy life? Aww shit, Michael Lohan is that you behind that moustache? Security!

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