Lindsay Lohan escaped from a $17,000 bill at a boutique store
Date Posted: July 1, 2010 - 2:15 am by: Paris

Not only is Lindsay Lohan the Hollywood Houdini of law offenses, she also recently managed to sneak out of a $17,000 bill at a clothes store and failing to pay not even ¼ of the bill. Can David Blane do that? Never! Only our little crackie can.

TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan concocted a diabolical, fraudulent plan to defraud an L.A. boutique out of thousands of dollars … according to a lawsuit that will be filed today. TMZ has obtained a copy of the suit, in which Tough as Nails — a boutique that sells expensive clothes, jewelry, and accessories — claims Lindsay shopped at the store between November, 2009 and February, 2010.

According to the suit, Lindsay racked up a bill of $17,060.83 and convinced the owners her business manager would play the bill. But much to the chagrin of the owners, Lindsay’s business manager paid a grand total of $180.
The suit, which will be filed in L.A. County Superior Court, alleges Lindsay “had no intention of causing her business manager to pay the entire balance.”

And there’s this — the suit claims the boutique owners relied on Lindsay’s “well known status as a movie actress with substantial income.” Wrong on both counts. The owners say Lindsay committed premeditated fraud and are seeking the balance — $16,880.63 — plus interest and punitive damages.

No comment from Lindsay’s camp.

That sounds pretty shitty but why do you always blame Lindsay for this? I’d go ahead and say it’s the store’s fault. Yep, for being stupid. Can David Blane make a celebrity dissapear?

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