Ke$ha loves fat men
Date Posted: July 3, 2010 - 2:07 am by: Paris

Ever wonder why Kesha always acts like a disgusting pig? Well, coz she actually likes pigs! Well, fat men, in a more formal term.

This is London reports:

Kesha loves fat men. The Blah Blah Blah singer – who is currently single – admits she has a less-than-traditional taste in men and can’t stand the thought of dating someone too well-groomed.
She said: “My ideal man would be funny and fat with a beard. I love fat men. I like real men. I don’t like really feminine men who tan. I don’t understand that. I like a funny man, though. Russell Brand’s not quite my type, but if he had a fat, bearded friend, that would be perfect.”

The outspoken 23-year-old star also admitted her biggest turn off would be to date someone who spends longer in the bathroom than she does.

She told heat magazine: “I could not bear to go out with a guy who takes longer than me to get ready. I don’t want someone who’s going to steal my moisturizer.” Though she has a lengthy list of specifications for a partner, Kesha insists she isn’t ready to settle down just yet. She said: “I’m far from lonely. Far, far from it. But I don’t want to settle down yet. Gross!”

What’s gross is if anyone actually had the stomach to settle with you. If Kesha really wants a fat guy, I think I can hook her up with Fat Bastard though the tub of lard might mistake Kesha’s ass for leftover spareribs.

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