Paris Hilton detained by South African police for marijuana
Date Posted: July 6, 2010 - 1:24 am by: Paris

It’s been quite  awhile Paris Hilton made headlines but here she is once again and this time, it doesn’t involve a DUI ticket or a nekkid sextape, but weed.

AP reports:

Paris Hilton was detained in the South African city of Port Elizabeth on Friday for possession of marijuana, two South African police officers said. A spokeswoman for police at Port Elizabeth, Brig. Marinda Mills, declined to confirm the name, but said a high profile person was appearing in court on drug-related charges.

“This person is appearing in court right now. We cannot reveal information about her until she has appeared in court. I am here with the individual in court, we’re waiting for the court to start,” Mills told the Associated Press.

A local radio station in Johannesburg said Hilton was detained outside the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium, following the quarterfinal match between Brazil and Netherlands.

Now here’s the spoiler:

From TMZ:

Paris Hilton is off the hook for the whole pot thing in South Africa. We’re told Paris has been released and cops even apologized for misidentifying her. The rep claims the culprit has already pled guilty, paid a small fine and was released.

OK I’m thinking this is bull. Methinks those South Affrican police officers lied about the marijuana case. They probably thought there was a loose wonky-eyed ostrich wandering around the airport so they caught Paris Hilton’s ass but learned it was an actual person when it suddenly offered a blowjob for it’s release.

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