Angelina Jolie’s thigh tattoo is especially for Brad Pitt
Date Posted: July 15, 2010 - 2:28 am by: Paris

Everybody’s talking about Angelina Jolie’s thigh tattoo and the bitch won’t say nothing more than the tat is actually for Brad. reports:

The Salt actress – who raises six children with her partner of five years – already has an array of body art and has now added a heart on her inner thigh to show her love for the Hollywood heartthrob.
When asked about the inking, Angelina replied: “Um, it’s for Brad.”
Although she refused to give any more information on the design, she admitted it probably won’t be long before she does, admitting to MTV: “I’m bad at hiding secrets.”


Readers over at Jezebel has come up with their own genius theories that would send Dan Brown a run for his money and here’s one of them claiming the code has just been cracked.

Via Jezebel:

I think it reads Whiskey Bravo.
My logic:
She says : “Um, it’s for Brad.”
Brad’s real name is William Bradley Pitt.
According to the alphabet the military use: William Bradley = Whiskey Bravo

Hmmm I’m squinting my eyes here and I’m seeing whiskey boner! Wait wait…no it’s whiskey beard! Probably Angelina Jolie’s desperate final attempt to force Brad to shave off his hideous billy goat beard. Cmon, I mean you got to admit it could be, right?

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