Pamela Anderson to join Dancing with the Stars UK
Date Posted: July 17, 2010 - 2:32 am by: Paris

If you think you’re done seeing Pamela Anderson’s tits on Dancing with the Stars US thinking she may have packed her bags away from the limelight to a better place where our eyes won’t see her rot on national tv, well you’re wrong because you can’t get rid of Pammie that quick. Nope, in fact, you’ll be seeing more of her but with less clothes on this time on Dancing with the Stars UK. It’s a fuckin’ abomination.

The Daily Star reports:

Strictly Come Dancing bosses plan to make it the ­sexiest series ever – so they’ve signed up ex-Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. The blonde bombshell took part in the US ­version of the hit celebrity ballroom contest. And she has agreed to ­appear as a special guest when the new series starts this autumn. Sexy Pam, 43, will wear one of the ­skimpiest outfits ever seen on the show.

A BBC source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Pamela Anderson oozes sex appeal and sent temperatures soaring when she took part in Dancing With The Stars in America. The new British series is being sexed up and who better to feature than one of the world’s ­hottest pin-ups. Bosses are very ­excited about having her on board. The costume department has already started designing one of the most outrageous outfits it has ever made. It will show off every inch of Pammie’s fabulous body. She’ll certainly cause a stir as you really don’t get much sexier than Pammie.

I think it kinda makes sense. I mean, Pammie is more attractive woman than 80% of UK chicks so even in her recent state she’s a whiff of fresh air.

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