Reggie Bush still wants Kim Kardashian’s ass
Date Posted: July 20, 2010 - 3:02 am by: Paris

That eclipse you’ve seen earlier this morning isn’t really an eclipse but Kim Kardashian’s ass hanging out at the beach. Jeezus…you could migrate a whole country on that massive ass. It’s a given, we all want that, need that in our lives but there’s someone who’s begging for it more than the rest of us, and it’s none other than Kim K’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Life & Style reports:

Life & Style has learned that since Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian called it quits back in March, he’s been desperate to contact the reality star. “Reggie realized Kim was the one and said he was finally ready to get married,” an insider tells Life & Style. “But after months of being single, Kim’s realized Reggie wasn’t the one, and now she’s moved on.” In fact, Kim is happier than ever with new beau, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.

“Ever since Reggie found out about Miles, he’s been going crazy sending Kim lots of nasty e-mails. She just ignores them,” the insider continues. “Reggie has unsuccessfully tried to reach out to Miles. Kim always intended on staying friends with Reggie — but now he doesn’t want to let her move on.”

But does Miles Austin do golden showers? That is the question that I’m afraid the answer is also a FUCK YEAH to. Wake me up when the vid comes out!

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