Paris Hilton caught by the French for marijuana
Date Posted: July 20, 2010 - 3:11 am by: Paris

There must be something exciting about getting handcuffed by the French police because it’s been two times in two weeks that Paris Hilton was caught in possession of weed. But like a fisherman that caught a rotten fish and threw it back to the ocean for what it’s worth, the French let her ass go in less than an hour.

USA Today reports:

A nose knows: According to French newspaper Corse Matin, the heiress was detained in Corsica for about 30 minutes on Friday after dogs sniffed out about a gram of marijuana in her bag. She was traveling in a private jet, naturally, after vacationing on the Mediterranean.

What we don’t know about this story is that Paris Hilton was performing her blowjob bribe and was about to go in for the gangbang when the syphilis-sniffing dog barked at the whiff of her crusty crustacean.

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