Michael Lohan assaulted his girlfriend in the face
Date Posted: July 24, 2010 - 2:44 am by: Paris

With the Mel Gibson news flying around like the bitches in heat at an underground rave party, Michael Lohan felt like this was his cue to hop back in the relevancy train(like he was in it before) by following the fad because his fiancée Kate IfuckCelebrityDouchebagsForFame Major is farting out that the famewhore father of Lindsay Lohan physically assaulted her during an argument and has dental records to prove it.

TMZ reports:

We’re told Kate Major claims … on Monday at around 2 PM, just before Michael flew to L.A. for Lindsay Lohan’s hearing, they began arguing and Michael allegedly shoved her over a chair, injuring her shoulder.
Sources say Major claims while she was on the ground Michael kicked her in the face.

We contacted Michael, who told TMZ he got in an argument with Kate on Monday over their upcoming TV show, but he didn’t touch her and she’s making it all up.

These two fuckwits probably wanted to be the Jersey Shore version of Mel Gibson and Oksana. Well since M. Lohan has a history of kicking his ex-girlfriend’s punani in rage, am I supposed to expect a pic of a boot mark on Kate’s crotch area too?

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