Lindsay Lohan will be a nasty lesbian jailmeat
Date Posted: July 25, 2010 - 7:44 am by: Paris

Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan’s ass couldn’t get any nastier, it will. Oh yes it will. Because the correctional facility in which Lindsay is supposed to go to has a rule that every jailbird, celebwhore or not are only allowed to shower ever other day.

TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned she will only be allowed to shower every other day once she checks into Lynwood Correctional Facility tomorrow. Law enforcement sources tell us the jail is all prepared for Lindsay’s arrival — where she’ll be staying in her own cell … in a special module where solitary inmates are held. We’re told Lindsay will not be allowed to interact with other inmates while she’s inside her cell — which could be as much as 20 hours per day. She will be allowed to exercise three times per week. As far as her diet, we’re told Lindsay will get two cold meals and one hot meal every day. Today, inmates had chicken stir fry for lunch … so it’s not too bad.

We’re told there’s no guarantee that Lindsay will be allowed to take all of the medication she’s been prescribed — and jail officials will determine what she can take after she arrives.

A stanky, nasty, hairy-legged Lindsay Lohan in jail? I would pay fuckin’ CASH just to see that shit.

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