Heidi Montag will get punched by Snooki
Date Posted: July 23, 2010 - 3:06 am by: Paris

Because heated tension between two filthy rats are expected at any given day in the Celebwhore world, Jersey Shore’s vapid vermin Snooki is saying that she will plant her midget fists on Heidi Montag for the simple reason that she’s Heidi Montag.

TMZ reports:

“I will punch her in the face because I don’t like her,” Snooki said when asked if Heidi should join her show. “She had too many surgeries. She looks like an alien and guidettes don’t look like aliens, just saying.”

Snooki was then asked if Heidi had said anything in the past to prompt such a reaction. She explained, “I don’t know [if she said anything about me]. I don’t research Heidi because she’s nothing to me.”

I mean I could understand why Snooki would be so insecure at the pristine pillow that is Heidi Montag’s tits that’s why she farted out those words but it sounds like her morning speech at the bathroom when she looks at herself in the mirror.

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