Mel Gibson thinks Oksana should fuck Timothy Dalton
Date Posted: July 27, 2010 - 3:45 am by: Paris

Since the Mel Gibson leaked musical rants are focusing too much on the blacks, Jews and Mexicans, the genius who provided us with the amusement decided it was time that the next episode should have a guest star in it. And guess who? It’s the 007 star Timothy Dalton, who also happens to be the father of Oksana Grigorieva’s 12-year old son.

RadarOnline reports:

In the new tape, furious Mel says: “Did you get my last message about me being a bad father, and Tim being a great dad now?” Oksana, who does not fight back on the new tape, utters a barely audible “no,” as Gibson continues to rant, hurling some of the most hateful language yet captured on audio.

“You didn’t hear that one?” Mel continues. “Well, you should go and f*ck him (Dalton), you know, you fickle c*nt because I don’t care.”
“The game’s over,” Mel yells. “Okay. The game’s over. Let the new games begin so you can get it on with anybody else and your son can watch it. What is it? Number 45 he’s going to have to look at? F*cking good.”

“I despise you,” he says with fury in his voice. “I don’t want you back. You have proven yourself to me. You’re not the f*cking woman I want. You’re a f*cking fake. You’re a f*cking sham. You don’t know what the f*ck it means to make a man happy. You didn’t make me f*cking happy. I couldn’t make you happy with the BEST I DID FOR ANYBODY, EVER! EVER,” he yells. “You f*cking glum c*nt!”

Hmmm… I’m surprised ‘glum cunt’ won over filthy-ass ni**a-loving whore cunt. Wait this may be an evidence to present to the court. It sounded like Mel G was on the first stages of sobriety with that last line. That being said, somebody should investigate his roof for Russian ninjas that might be dropping roofie in his drinks.

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