Paris Hilton has an Asian sugar daddy
Date Posted: July 29, 2010 - 2:49 am by: Paris

Well this is some interesting shit. The VD-carrying mantis known as Paris Hilton has stooped down to a new low. And I mean that in the literal sense too. Apparently, the celebwhore has a sugar daddy–a Malaysian filthy rich businessman who goes by the name Take Jho Low.

Mr. Paparazzi reports:

After her escapades the other day, we thought that Paris Hilton had already had more champagne poured all over her than one person could possibly handle in a lifetime – but apparently not so.

During a night in St.Tropez earlier this week the socialite’s uber rich pal Taek Jho Low – who she’s recently been travelling with – spent a whopping 3.5 million Euros on buying gigantic bottles of Crystal for Paris and her champagne guzzling friends – which they then promptly poured all over themselves. Obviously (why, what else are you supposed to do with it?)

Apparently the Malaysian tycoon decided to splash out on the ridiculous lavish gift for the reality star after the socialite had come face-to-face with her ex Doug Reindhart who was in the same club as them. According to club revellers Doug tried to compete with Jho Lo by buying four gigantic bottles of Crystal but that was no match for the Malaysian businessman who then went onto buy the club’s entire supply of bubbly.

Jeezus. $5 million dollar of booze for a downpayment to get a taste of Parasite Hilton’s crusty crustacean? This sick bastard. On the other hand, he’s asian so he’s probably used to the smell and taste of raw, rotten fish.

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