Lindsay Lohan was replaced in Linda Lovelace’s Inferno
Date Posted: August 3, 2010 - 2:26 am by: Paris

Apparently, the producers of the upcoming Linda Lovelace biography-like movie called Inferno aren’t committing a mass suicide after all because recent reports say that a certain chick called Sarah Scott is replacing Lindsay Lohan which means a) we don’t get to see a freckled ginge going full frontal, b) we don’t get to witness said ginge romancing(or deepthroating) a dog and c)we get to keep our sanity. The Fab Life is saying that the filming was scheduled in August but since Lindsay Lohan’s ass is currently marinating itself in rehab for 90 days, the production can’t start shit, thanks to Hoehan’s booze and meth-loving ways.

According to TMZ, a source that knows stuff about Lindsay’s case, says the ginge carpet-muncher is not only addicted to vaginas, she also wuvs her some methamphetamine and opiates. Poor Lindsay thought Inferno was going to be her big break from all this mess. Oh but fear not, Lilo fanatics (I’m talking to the two of you), I doubt that Dina Lohan would take all this rejection lying down with a dildo in her mouth. I’m sure while I’m typing this, she’s plotting Plan 278 after finding out that her daughter was kicked out of a cock-sucking movie. You know that could break a mother’s heart into a million pieces.

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