Blake Lively wants Scarlett Johansson’s career
Date Posted: August 4, 2010 - 1:22 am by: Paris

Scarlett Johansson better watch her back because not all people who gives hear the pearly whites are into motorboating her funbags wanting to be BFFs with her. Some of them are actually sneakier than a fart in an elevator and I’m talking about Blake Lively. NYDN is saying that the Gossip Girl starlet has been trying to snatch away Scarlett’s role in the upcoming movie Gravity by talking to the movie’s director, Alfonso Cuaron behind her back. I mean in her defense, what self-respecting famewhore wouldn’t pull that stunt once in her lifetime, right?

Anyway, the sources are saying that when she heard that Scarlett Johansson’s tits has verbally agreed to be one of the leads in the sci-fi survival flick, it was Blake’s cue to peddle the vajayjay to the director for the role. Unlucky for her, her knockers weren’t that big enough so Cuaron gave her the NO. These are the times I wish I was in somebody else’s shoes. Alfonso, man, where is your creativity? If it was all up to me, they’d be trying to beat each other for that role, in a mud wrestling competition—topless!

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