Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyers met up with LA Sheriff’s Dept.
Date Posted: August 4, 2010 - 11:44 pm by: Paris

It’s good to know that despite the chaos and instability we have in this world, there are still two things we can rely on. One, that McDonalds will always ask if you would like to upgrade your meal and two, that Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva will refuse to quit the bitch! And by bitch, I meant the whole of humanity!
Looks like the war is far from over because TMZ is reporting that the Russian baby mama’s lawyer and the Los Angeles Sherrif Department met up recently to discuss the mediation agreement she had with Mr. Blowjob. Both parties aren’t saying much because they legally can’t but TMZ has the details and here’s what it basically sums up:

*the investigators on the case are balls-deep all-ears in the claims that Oksana is queefing out now but didn’t during the mediation
*Oksana had a sudden memory lapse, never mentioning the fact that she thinks Mel G was a threat to their baby, also that Mel threatened to have a killing spree on her, Alexander, Lucia and will pull an American Beauty scene where he also kills himself in the end.
*She also never produced a photo of Mel’s fist mark on her face

In addition to these, the investigators are asking about Oksana’s messages to Mel during the mediation telling him she turned dj and made a remix of his outbursts because he was being neglectful of her needs. Mel’s camp is saying they got solid evidence that the Russian baby mama is basically putting a price tag on the tapes, as all gold-digging bitches do, according to their universal protocol. And here’s the part where we all say…Nuh uh???! There’s no way in hell Oksana could be extorting money from Mel! That’s like saying all Jews eat spaghetti with bacon strips instead of meatballs on the day of the birth of Christ when they actually should be eating whatever Jews eat where come night time the men would ask oral from the women and wait—where was I going with this? Git that money bitch!

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