Katy Perry’s knockers is Rolling Stone’s latest cover
Date Posted: August 5, 2010 - 12:00 am by: Paris

Not to be seen as an already senile magazine whose taste in cover-worthy people is down the drain, Rolling Stone featured Katy Perry’s tits on the cover of their latest issue. The singer of the hit song California Girl is seen not wearing rubber bikinis or whatever latex monstrosity on the bed, but instead, wearing matching pink panties and bra that shows her bountiful goodies. In the magazine, she also talks about her younger years being raised by ultra-conservative religious parents. She also talked about eggs, tongues and lucky charms.

On speaking in tongues and their parents having this gift:

“Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as ‘Pass the salt.’ It’s a secret, direct prayer language to God. A lot of religions use meditation or chanting. It’s a secret, direct prayer language to God.

On how her mom is term-sensitive with eggs and why she wasn’t allowed to eat lucky charms:

“I wasn’t ever able to say I was ‘lucky’ because my mother would rather us say that we were blessed, and she also didn’t like that lucky sounded like Lucifer. Deviled eggs were called ‘angeled’ eggs. I wasn’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms, but I think that was the sugar. I think my mom lied to me about that one.”

Well, just in case she wants to know, I also have a gift of tongue, ask the girls I bring home to my basement every night.  We can discuss it anytime, just give me a call. In the meantime, ‘ya did good Rolling Stone, ‘ya did good.

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