Kim Kardashian is Montana Fishburne’s role model
Date Posted: August 4, 2010 - 11:57 pm by: Paris

When we’ve all read about how Laurence “Morpheus” Fishburne’s daughter Montana Fishburne aka Chippy-D in the adultworld made her Poppa proud by being in porn without his knowledge, some of us rubbed our chins and started wondering what the reason could be. Could it be drugs, attention-whoring overload or a bad-relationship with his father? Well some bitches are smarter than others(and amazingly had a lot of time in their hands) because they went to the bottom of this mess and found out that Chippy-D’s role model is Kim Fucking Kardashian.

The trick’s name is Bonnie Fuller from Hollywood life and she is saying that Kim Kardashian’s ass should come forward and say a word or five to the public about how making sex tapes(and getting golden showers from a black guy) isn’t the way to be famous. Bonnie thinks Kim K is a role model to a lot of people and has some kind of responsibility on this, but there’s still no word from the Kardashian camp as of this moment. While I agree that little girls should hear good values coming from some famewhore who gained fame by bending over infront of the camera, I’d prefer that any chick whose last name is Kardashian should keep her whore mouth shut.

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