Tila Tequila Sextape may or may not exist
Date Posted: August 5, 2010 - 9:53 pm by: Paris

The asian midget whore named Tila Tequila took a break from sucking someone’s dick  for moolah to deny the latest rumor that a Tila Tequila Sextape exists. She went on and ass-raped her keyboard when she took to her blog and said, “”I finally got online and saw that there are FALSE RUMORS that I made a deal for a SEX TAPE! Which is BULL***T!!” She claims she knows who that person was who spread the fakery and stated that it was a guy who used to work for OMG but got fired for bad behavior.

The nymphette claims that she’s already in talks with her lawyer and they’re already filing a restraining order against this person, threatening him that she will spill all the dirty deeds he’s done to her if he doesn’t stop this shit. Okay, let’s all get real here for a second. This is Tila Fuckin Tequila we’re talking about here. She would allow herself to be dry-humped by a pack of gerbils and show it on her webcam on her website just to be noticed so, I’m thinking she made a sextape with the person who’s spreading the rumors. I wonder if it’s Michael Lohan. Given that mighty douchebag’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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