Kim Kardashian and Miley Austin broke up
Date Posted: August 9, 2010 - 1:09 am by: Paris

Well if you’re black and love to give golden showers, and if you’re name is Reggie Bush, then this is good news for you! Some source close to Kim Kardashian’s ass is saying that she and Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin whom she has been going out with for 2 months has finally quit bumping privates. The source went on to say that Kim K enjoys trying different dicks wants to be single and date around and has no plans to attend the upcoming team’s season opener in Dallas.

So basically, the nosy source is saying she doesn’t want to do shit with Miles Austin no more. I have no idea why. The guy looks better and more decent than Bush but then again, I guess the question always comes to, ‘but does he like peeing on her badonkadonk?’ You don’t pee, I flee!

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