Lady Gaga The Movie might be in the works
Date Posted: August 10, 2010 - 1:07 am by: Paris

Because the gods hates our guts, the hermaphrodite clown fuckery called Lady Gaga is making a movie about herself. MTV is shitting that Lady Gaga’s movie would be something that looks like when Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker film vomited on the Dreamgirls movie. Some sick director named Bryan Singer, who is known for his work on the X-Men films is actually interested in this fuckery.

Some source from News of the World who’s probably been dickmatized by lady Gaga is saying that the hermaphrodite Madonna impersonator is a ‘real creative genius’ and a ‘workaholic who loves pushing the boundaries.’ That shit’s true alright. The bitch loves pushing my boundaries. There should be a law against films that may destroy the human retina. And seriously, Tom Hanks already did a retard movie. Once is enough. Here’s something to ruin everyone’s day, Lady Gaga’s tits, ass and dick getting fondled in the crowd.

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