Lindsay Lohan has a new judge
Date Posted: August 12, 2010 - 1:54 am by: Paris

Well this sucks. Judge Marsha, the judge responsible for putting Lindsay Lohan’s ass in jail won’t be there to see the SUCK ME painted on Lindsay’s eyelids next court hearing because reports say she is already quitting the case. Boo fucking hoo. Not only is Judge Marsha the voice and mind of the world whose vision is take cokewhore bitches down, she’s also got some exquisite eyes that will cut any kind of tension in the court room.

Sources say that the judge has been breaking some law etiquette e.g. not coordinating properly with Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer and some stuff regarding the case so she decided to slip her resignation letter before she gets her ass axed out of the case by the California Legal System. Judge Marsha is now replaced by Judge Elden Fox who I pray is as young and hot as Megan Fox and likes to date average-looking guys. Save me a seat in the courtroom and I’ll paint my fingernail FUCK ME.

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