Mischa Barton smoking pot
Date Posted: August 13, 2010 - 2:12 am by: Paris

When Mischa Barton isn’t smoking joints in parking lots or in various clubs that lets cellulite monsters inside, you can be certain that she’s smoking joints on a yacht in St. Tropez! I thought this hoe was already dead but anyway seeing her dangerous living-life-on-the-gutter-and-sometimes-fast-lane, it won’t be long ‘til she’s fit to star in a Courtney Love movie if some idiot decides to make one.

Well maybe scratch that, Taylor Momsen might cut a bitch for that role. But anywhore, some brilliant dick posted a pic of Mischa Barton smoking a joint and here are the stolen shots. While I should be scandalized with these pics, forget that. Why are the other girls in these pics doesn’t have a damn face! Or am I too stoned??

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