Katy Perry’s mom flirts with Russel Brand
Date Posted: August 14, 2010 - 7:07 am by: Paris

Just to prove to you how much of a manwhore Katy Perry’s boyfriend and hairy British sex mogul Russel Brand is, Glamour UK had a chance to interview Katy Perry’s tits and she spilled some awkward info about her mom and Russel Brand. At first, she admits that her parents didn’t really approve of him but with time, they have created a bond with him, especially Katy’s Mom.

The California Girls singer told the magazine that her mom and Russel are getting a little close for comfort saying, “He’s very charming with them and he has an ongoing on email love with my mom and she loves it,” Perry laughs. “She flirts with him, which is totally inappropriate and I tell him to stop.” Well this is just fuckin’ gross and awkward. And here, we have another example of Catholic girls gone wild(or wrong) but this time, we’re also talking about the mom! I knew that British bastard is Satan in a hairier form!

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