Miley Cyrus wants to bet a boob job. Ofcourse.
Date Posted: August 16, 2010 - 1:33 am by: Paris

Sooo, guess who’s  following in the footsteps of Heidi Fucking Montag? Yep, when it comes to subtle teen whoring, you can always count on Miley Cyrus to outskank herself everytime. Because what better way to distract the audience form her fugly horse-face than getting double D’s? Yaaaaaaay!

Some sources are farting out that Miley is balls-deep into getting a boob job and has asked her parents to sign the consent form since she’s just 17 year old, but the source is pretty sure that ‘“Billy Ray and Tish are letting her go for it. She’s beyond their control, anyway.” Yeah, just like the time they allowed her boyfriend Liam to move in with her. But I guess they can’t say shit because Miley’s putting the bread and butter on their table, Billy Ray have no choice than to roll over and sign the thing even if it means breaking his achy breaky heart.

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