Mariah Carey is four months pregnant. Who knew.
Date Posted: August 26, 2010 - 1:19 am by: Paris

To absolutely no one’s surprise, there are reports flying around that Mariah Carey is pregnant with husband/boy-toy/purse holder Nick Cannon’s baby.  I’m confused, but isn’t she pregnant for 3 years already? Anyway, Nick spoke to New York’s 92.3 FM and didn’t say shit about it, telling everyone “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it time and time again — when my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her.”

Some nosy bitches over at Radar is saying that Hello Kitty freak has been trying to get pregnant and has no plans in tweeting it out to har fans until she gets pretty close to the full term but the source adds that ‘Mariah has passed the four month mark in her pregnancy’. Well dayum…if she looks like she could eat eat Shamu in one bite at 4 mos, can you imagine what she’d look like in her 9th month? Cut to scene 83: ‘Godzilla roaming loose in the city while people are freaking the shit out’. Yep.

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