Lindsay Lohan is the second coming of Britney Spears
Date Posted: August 30, 2010 - 1:26 am by: Paris

Now that everybody’s favorite ginger juvenile trainwreck’s ass is outta rehab and is just lurking in the midst, reports say that she wants to revive her broken down career and she’s doing it with the help of two people who played a big role in trying to revive Britney Spears’ career namely Lou Taylor and Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph.

A source says Lou has been taking care of Lindsay’s fashion deals including the one with Marc Ecko and another deal with a Russian fashion company. I don’t know who’s the most stupid one among the two ‘good samaritans’. Anyone who works with this gingerwhore was probably not loved in his or her childhood and is looking for the shittiest way possible for bankruptcy. I mean the only time we hear about Britney Spears is when she turns into Clitney Spears on her gone-commando days. Anyway, here’s Lindsay Lohan doing step 1 to Britney Spears transformation: #1 You are to walk the hoe stroll without ever wearing a bra.

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