Lindsay Lohan wants to have a baby to save her life
Date Posted: September 13, 2010 - 1:27 am by: Paris
You would think rehab would somehow dust off the crazy bunnies out of Lindsay Lohan’s head but think again because this time this bitch has gone completely mental. Some nosy hoes in her circle is saying that Lindsay wants to have a baby friend planted in her fuckin’ uterus ‘coz she believes it might change her life.
The star has confided to a pal that she’s determined to stay sober and thinks the best way for her to achieve that goal is to get pregnant. According to the pal, Lindsay, 24, hates being alone and thinks a baby would make the perfect companion. She’s seen what motherhood has done for former party girl Nicole Richie and thinks it can do the same for her. “She needs to be around someone nearly 24 hours a day,” the pal says. “She thinks having a baby could straighten out her life.”
So wow. I’m not sure how a  child could help Lindsay get her shit back together unless this dumb bitch thinks it can go to her alcohol classes for her. On the other hand, Mr. Long Nose says that if she really wants to, we can volunteer.
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