Kim Kardashian just bought $100,000 worth of Hermes handbags
Date Posted: September 17, 2010 - 1:44 am by: Paris

A shitload of people in the US unemployed, but that didn’t stop Kim Kardashian to spend $100,000 in handbags that could feed an entire town in a 3rd world-country for a year!

It all went down in the notoriously expensive Hermes store — where we’re told Kim and her mother Kris purchased six of the label’s exclusive “Birkin” bags … valued at around $10,000 apiece. But here’s the kicker — sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, Kim also bought herself an extremely rare crocodile-skin bag from the upscale French boutique … worth around $30,000.

Well. It looks like Montana Fishburne’s goals were on the right track after all. You make a sextape and get a golden shower equals a shit ton of money you can feed your ass to for a lifetime…or atleast until your ass is still relevant.

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