Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas is just in it for the publicity
Date Posted: September 17, 2010 - 1:39 am by: Paris

Last week, there was a blind item from a site that made us roll our eyes about a young singer and a hottie from Twilight who are just both putting out a facade in public that they’re together–all for the name of publicity. Here goes:

“If you’re thinking that this romance between the singer and the franchise actress is fake, well, you’re right. These two have absolutely no interest in each other other than the increased paparazzi attention celebrity coupledom brings. In reality, she prefers more mature men. Actually, so does he.”

Please, like anyone believes this turd is actually motorboating Ashleey Greene’s tits? Joe Jonas is as queer as a three dollar bill! The closest relationship this one has with Ashley is with her vibrator. Maybe next time Joe, spend some QT with her tweezers too, you need it unibrow!

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