Paris Hilton pleads guilty to cocaine posession
Date Posted: September 21, 2010 - 12:38 am by: Paris

Because Paris Hilton’s tits are more hypnotic than Lindsay Lohan’s, she won’t be getting thrown in the chokey for her arrest in Vegas just a few weeks back. If you follow this bitch closelt, you may remember that incident where she was caught carrying a small amount of coccaine in her purse in which her response was ofcourse, “it’s a setup!”. AP has more of this shit:

“Clark County District Attorney David Roger  says the celebrity socialite has agreed to plead guilty Monday to drug possession and obstructing an officer in Las Vegas Justice Court under the terms of a plea deal worked out with prosecutors after her Aug. 27 arrest.”

So basically , the judge told Hilton that she’s on a 1-yr unsupervised probation and ontop of that, to complete a drug abuse program. If Wonky Eyes violates any of this shit and gets arrested for anything unless it’s a minor traffic violation, she will be reunited with the insides of a jail cell for a whole year. Yeah I don’t think she’ll be doing time for this anytime soon, since Billionaire Barbie will let the Benjamins do the talking for her.

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