Justin Bieber making out with a chick inside a Honda
Date Posted: September 22, 2010 - 1:00 am by: Paris

Why this sly little punk-ass turd. If you’re hearing that loud mass-tantrum from outside tour window right now, take your ass back to your seat because they’re just the cries of a million Bieber-crazed toddlers in nursery hospitals from all over the world. Justin Bieber took the pacifier away from his mouth to suck on the sweet lips of a young semi-famous 16-year old singer named Jasmine Villegas, who’s also scheduled to appear in the opening act on The Bieb’s upcoming concert tour. A Canadian passerby chanced upon the Honda where Justin and Jasmine where playing tonsil-hockey in and snapped a picture. Via TMZ:

“The photos were taken on Thursday, September 9 in Venice, CA by some Canadian tourist who just happened to notice his country’s most famous pop star in the midst of a make-out session with the luckiest teenage girl on the planet. The two had been rumored to be dating … but they insisted they were just “really cool friends.”

Forget the lip-locking shit. What do you guys think about the last pic? Unless the chick was just tying her laces, I’m thinking Bieber was singing the lines of his famous song the moment this shit happened…altogether now! Baby, baby, baby…Ohhhh…

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