Lindsay Lohan is out of jail. Sonofa…
Date Posted: September 27, 2010 - 3:57 am by: Paris

Ever wonder if Lindsay Lohan is the fucking devil? Turns out the last laugh again goes to this vapid cokewhore because apparently she is getting out of jail on a $300,000 bail. Judge Fox earlier ruled out Lindsay could be held in jail without bail but it changed later today due to California law, that states defendants has the right to bail in misdemeanor cases. Via TMZ:

“Judge Patricia Schnegg, Assistant Supervising Judge for the L.A. County Criminal Courts, just threw Judge Fox’s bail decision out the window. Judge Schnegg has set bail at $300,000. Lindsay, who is in Lynwood Jail right now, should get out soon … probably in a few hours.”

Allow me to say what everyone else is thinking: This trial is horseshit. That’s what you expect from a family of Lohan’s. To no one’s consolation though, Lindsay Lohan’s ass is forced to wear a SCRAM bracelet once again which doesn’t mean shit ‘coz America’s Legal system rocks!

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