John Mayer’s celphone lost, naked pics might surface soon
Date Posted: September 29, 2010 - 12:46 am by: Paris

Because he was too busy being a big douche, John Mayer lost his celphone. You all know what that means fellas. There may be pics of Jennifer Aniston naked or Jessica Simpson’s chubby punani or more freaky shit waiting to be leaked! Via National Enquirer:

Revealed a close friend: “He told me his cell contains personal photos — and videos — of some of the famous women he’s dated.” Shuddered My Spy: “John’s just frantic over the missing phone. He hopes it’s lying on the bottom of the Hudson River!”

Given the history of John Mayer’s wandering penis, I’m not even gonna be surprised if they find pictures of my 55-year old Latin neighbor Consuelo all naked and shit. But seriously, who do we need to buy a beer for to get those damn naked pics???

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