Vanessa Hudgens’ ass isn’t marriage material for Zac Efron
Date Posted: October 4, 2010 - 3:38 am by: Paris

Still don’t believe Zac Efron is in the same specie as Kanye West, as in a gay fish? Well here’s a reason you might want to take. Some nosy source fr om National Enquirer is saying the hot High School Musical bombshell Vanessa Hudgens is crushed upon learning from one of their mutual friends who’s also in the same cast that the wedding bells and the doves sluttering ontop of her head will forever remain a space bubble because Zac isn’t plannign to marry her ass after all. Uh, color me fucking duh. Via National Enquirer:

Zac Efron’s longtime sweetie Vanessa Hudgens was abruptly blindsided by “Huge” star Nikki Blonsky’s vicious prediction that Zac will NEVER make her Mrs.Z! Blonsky, Zac’s “Harispray” cast mate and best bud, was asked by TV host Wendy Williams if the couple might marry- and the audience gasped when she meowed: “NO!, Love you girl, but it ain’t happening…It’s the truth…I know him real well!”

Somebody wake up Vanessa and tell her that unless she’s got a 9-inch wang or he’s dressed up as the flower girl, Zac won’t be meeting her at the altar.

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