Miley Cyrus thinks she’s old enough to go to sex-themed clubs
Date Posted: October 4, 2010 - 3:47 am by: Paris

Here’s the under-aged butterfaced trailer skank Miley Cyrus wearing something that would make Billy Ray Cyrus proud, I’m not even being sarcastic, going to a dirty nightclub named Voyeur. If you didn’t know, that Hollywood club is pretty famous for it’s beyond-20 dirty-sex suggestive design which features pornographic posters and drawings all over the walls of bondage and S&M scenes.

While I’m against fucking with under-aged girls and exposing minors to kinky sex, I’m pretty sure Miley Cyrus’ ass didn’t fit themselves in some cheap alleyway hooker outfit for nothing. I’m sure she felt at home within minutes of arriving at the club ‘coz the scenery looks just like her guestroom.

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