Paris Hilton is out brainwashing little girls
Date Posted: October 11, 2010 - 12:53 am by: Paris

Paris Hilton has found her little minion and apparently, she’s already in the works in training her to be just like her when she grows up, in other words, a whore. Which leads me to wonder, where in the world is this poor girl’s mother? I mean what kind of parent would surrender her child to this vapid praying mantis. Via Radar:

“I have a new BFF… and we spend time with Shae, who is seven-years-old, every weekend in Las Vegas. Shae is so smart and we love spending time together,” Paris told “We go shopping, I take her to the pet store and to the arcade. We take her to the Circus Circus amusement park. We do normal things.”

Please. All this little girl will learn from Paris is how to get a DUI or how to make a sextape. Somebody save her!

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